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Densification and Polishing of concrete results in a perfect combination of durability and aesthetics. A dull concrete floor with matt finish can be made into an abrasion resistant floor with a mirror shine finish. It is a long term solution to floors which are not intended to handle acid attacks. Densification is the process of permanently closing pores in the top layer of the slab. Densified concrete is polished to the finish desired by the client.


We are experts in Waterproofing with a flawless track record of 28 years. We offer comprehensive waterproofing solutions which target the cause, not the symptoms of the problem. Your water leakage problems like leaks, cracks, damp walls and peeling of wall paints will be addressed by us to ensure zero seepage in all weather conditions.


When used in conjunction with an epoxy base coat, Urethanes are an exceptional floor coating solution. Urethanes are harder than epoxies and they retain their gloss longer. Urethanes look better longer because they don’t scratch as easy and are more durable. Urethanes have better chemical resistance than epoxies. Urethanes are flexible and not brittle, unlike epoxies. They are also easier to maintain and recoat. Urethane floorings are available as self levelling toppings as well as thin top coats


When used in conjunction with an epoxy base coat and screed, EPU s are better alternatives than the more common epoxies. EPU combines the advantages of both epoxy and PU resins. Unlike epoxies, they are not very rigid. They do not contain excess amount of fillers.


Industry’s work horse floor toppings, epoxies are known for its excellent self levelling, high gloss, toughness and low maintenance. It is a cost effective, easy to clean, seamless surface which is resistant to oil and chemicals.

Insulative Coating

Insulative paints, or Insulating paints, uses a technology where a broad spectrum thermally reflective coating is applied to reduce the heat transfer through the coating, with 90% of solar infrared radiation and 85% of ultraviolet radiation being radiated back from the coated surface.


Floorkote ESD floorings combine durability with low maintenance costs to provide a significant cost benefit over the full product life cycle. With more than twice the compressive strength of concrete and superior chemical resistance, the flooring is not affected by heavy trafficking or spilled corrosives. Once applied, Floorkote ESD system retain the same level of electrical conductivity throughout its life time.


We follow a 3 pronged appraoch to address the client's corrosion problems: Clean, Resist, Protect. Clean: we will remove rust from the surface using mechanical and chemical methods. Resist: We chemically treat the underlying metal to make it resist corrosion, even in the absence of a protective coating. Protect: We coat the treated metal surface to prevent air and water exposure, increasing the life of the protective layer underneath.

Copper Tape

ESD flooring requires a conducting matrix, which is provided by having a layer of copper tapes beneath the top coat of the ESD flooring. ESD Flooring prevent accumulation of electric charge on the surface, thereby prolonging life of electrical components and protecting personnel against electric shocks We supply copper tapes of all gauges and specifications for ESD Flooring

Deoiling Chemicals

Concrete Deoiling is a procedure to repair and restore floors and surfaces where oil has seeped into the concrete matrix. The floor regains its initial strength after deoiling, and its life is extended by 10 years. This procedure involves usage of special surfactants which remove oil from concrete without affecting the concrete bonding. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Deoiling Chemicals in India

Copper Tape
Deoiling Chemicals

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